We apologise if these safety measures seem harsh and too restrictive. They are designed to maximise safety and are based on advice from the best possible sources, including our own doctors, Nurses and HCP.

We greatly look forward to reducing them as we come out of this crisis. It seems a very long time ago now that it started so perhaps it helps to remember Lao Tzu. “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” The very good news is that this journey will be much shorter than his and possibly much shorter than we all currently think. We are cautiously optimistic.

So we are delighted to tell you that from Monday 18 May 2020 we are able to see all patients. Not just emergency/urgent care patients. And we have reserved priority appointments for you, our existing patients.

Of course, we follow Public Health England advice and review it every day. We are taking exceptional measures to assist everyone’s safety. Here is what you can expect right now because guidance and these measures are likely to change.

Our team screens all patients on the telephone prior to making an appointment. Patients who have Covid-19 symptoms or any respiratory problem (not just a persistent cough) are not permitted to come to the clinic.

We have opened online appointments for telephone and video consultations only and have suspended online appointments for face-to-face consultations so that we can triage patients. Please telephone our team on 020 7580 9095 to make an appointment.

We ask new patients to register online to reduce time spent at reception and do not guarantee entry to the clinic if they haven’t done so.

We ask you to come wearing a mask whilst in the clinic and whilst waiting to enter the clinic. Your mask is designed to protect others should you sneeze or cough. If you haven’t got a mask, we will provide you with one and add the cost to your invoice at the same price we paid for it. We will not make a profit. We will take your temperature using a contactless thermometer and you will not be seen if you have a high temperature.

We permit the patient or a child accompanied by one parent or carer only to enter the clinic to limit numbers in the clinic at any one time. It is essential that you have a previously confirmed appointment.

We are staggering appointments so that some are on the hour, some 15 minutes past the hour and so on. Please do not arrive more than five minutes prior to your appointment. If you arrive earlier or your Specialist is running late we may have to ask you to wait outside to help maintain social distancing so please come dressed appropriately just in case.

We are requiring everyone to socially distance. Your Specialist will finish the consultation 5 minutes early to allow the room/equipment to be sanitised.

Your Specialist will wear Personal Protective Equipment as advised by Public Health England when examining you. This equipment differs according to what your Specialist does and may include a mask, gloves, apron/gown and possibly a visor.

We have installed screens at reception. Our team will wear masks and hand disinfectant/Soap gel will be available. We will take payment from the card we have stored for you so you will not have to come to reception after your consultation.

Our housekeeping team disinfects all door handles, buttons and other commonly touched surfaces every hour.

Of course, these are extraordinary measures designed to help protect everyone who visits or works in our clinic.

Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal