Bio-energy healing is based on the premise that each individual is surrounded by an electro-magnetic field of energy known as an 'aura'.

WHAT IS IT? Bio-energy therapists work to clear any blockages in this energy as it flows through seven energy centres, known as chakras. It is largely a hands-off therapy, although there may be some laying on of hands.
WHAT DOES IT TREAT? Bio-energy healing is a complementary therapy and not an alternative to medical advice. Clients have noted improvements in asthma, arthritis, backache, insomnia, migraine and tension headaches, depression, anxiety, allergies and skin conditions. Usually, three sessions are recommended initially.
About this treatment

In summary

  • This treatment is gentle, non-invasive, sustainable and is the safest way to promote health by using life itself.

  • Bioenergy is the life sustaining force of the universe. There is no life without Bioenergy. Keeping the immune system in good working order is the only way to prevent illness and ensure your body.

  • Stays healthy – energetically, physically, and emotionally. Every cell is surrounded and supported by this energy which also acts like a miniature wire, providing both a blueprint for the physically body and as an information network between the body, mind, and spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions


Bio means “Life” so Bio-Energy is “Life-Energy.” Life or BioEnergy is all life energies which includes a vast array of different frequencies that comprise the foundation of material life and this environment that provides the Soul’s purposeful journey of experience. These include but are not limited to Vital Life Energy that flows through the body or the scientific term Bioplasma; it refers also to Spiritual Energy, Energy of Consciousness Thought, Energy of Collective Unconsciousness, Energy of Purpose, Energy of Life Cycles, all the Energies of Matter or material objects and bodies, Sound, and Ambient environmental energies etc. All of these plus the many frequencies we define by science as radio, ultrasound, microwave, gamma ray, xray, etc., are all among the vast array of energies we can consider as Life or BioEnergy. All of these noted bioenergy frequencies and more, conspire together to provide the purposeful environment for each Soul to have the choreographed interactive spiritual play of life experiences; one that is served with purpose and reason by interactions with material physics.


Vital Life Energy or Qi (Ch’i, Chi, Ki, Reiki, Prana) is a field of information-energy as the life-force bioenergy of Soul and spirit that empowers animation of Soul consciousness in this dimension. It is also the interconnected underpinning of collective consciousness connecting everyone and everything in oneness. Confusion can prevail because “BioEnergy” is often commonly used in error as a generic term to only name the human energy field that science would identify as the “bioplasma” or the clinically measurable vital-life-energy field of aura that interpenetrates and flows throughout and surrounding the human body. This misuse as a dedicated term of energy treatment tends to limit the full understanding of the construct of many BioEnergies united in the task of manifesting this environment of purpose and the importance of all its various implications on the material world and the body-mind-spirit condition of life and health. Lead lined room testing of this human energy field done by leading parapsychologist, Dr Hiroshi Motoyama in the early seventies found that no living human emits less than 250hz of raw vital energy and in a darkened lead lined room humans measurably glow minutely like a light bulb. It was also discovered that some people emit higher energy than others. The common factor between those emitting between 400hz and 800hz of energy was the regular use of higher consciousness abilities as clairvoyance and clairaudience etc. The common factor between those emitting between 800hz and 900hz of energy was the regular use of higher consciousness abilities of mediumship or interdimensional telepathy, which may be considered the natural means of communication between Souls when we are not incarnate. Therefore, Vital Life Energy is the conduit of Soul consciousness expression into this dimension and also the energy flow that, depending on the degree of stressed perception, is responsible for triggering self-healing systems to maintain health of the physical body.


The Etheric Body Double is a blueprint like pattern of Soul consciousness energy that forms the fetus of a body in this dimension and it continues to govern the construct, ongoing health, and aging of the body throughout life experience. It is within this pattern that we find the over five hundred energy vortexes called chakras and energy lines of meridians that are addressed in the acupuncture and energy treatment process of health intervention in confronting physical symptoms. This is the pattern defining all unique attributes of Soul consciousness and holds them together, or provides the cohesive attribute that holds the material body together in material physics. We actually feel this pattern more than we think as we attribute all sensory perception to physical nerve function. However, consider that an amputee will claim to still be able to feel their feet wiggling, and they do! You can remove the physical structure but you cannot remove the pattern of it, and this you can continue to command and feel. Also, note, that etheric patterns have purpose and everything in matter will have a pattern that keeps it cohesive in material physics, and that includes intrusions in the body like cysts, and tumors.


The visible subtle energy field found in and around your body is the “aura” (Greek meaning “breath of air”). Just as the Earth has a tangible electromagnetic field, your body also has such an electromagnetic field. Formed by the flow of vital-life-energy through your Etheric Body Double and augmented by the ebb and flow of your conscious thought energies that originate here, as well as the embedded governing energy attributes of your own life purpose this is your personal flow of bioenergy that empowers your biological body. Your auric field is visible to your inner eye or clairvoyant (French meaning “clear-seeing”) in extra sensory perception but is often invisible to human eye or is seen as a subtle colour of your aura energy that is on the edge of the spectrum that the human eye can see. While some may see this extending a few feet from the body this BioEnergy field of Mind is actually far larger than humans can see. In this Kirilian photograph taken directly after a BioEnergy Treatment, you can see the balance of the aura with red of the aggressive survival instinct of the Root Center serving the right side of the body while the sensitive whole love instinct of the Heart Center is serving the left side of the body. Additionally, you can see the blue energy of the Throat Center serving the at area and the yellow analysing energy of the Solar Plexus Center intermixed with divine Spiritual Essence at the Crown or Brain area where thought is translated into material actions in the body. Ability to see auras can be developed by concentrating first on seeing the aura of a candle, and with repeated practice slowly expanding this ability to enable seeing the candle aura a few feet away from the flame. Then, (to make it easier), if you begin to stare above or “beyond” a person standing in front of a light coloured wall, you will come to see energy vibrations and/or colours around the person. Also looking into a mirror at night in the dark, you may then begin see the subtle glow of aura around yourself. The aura colours can shift and change frequencies with passing thoughts and emotions, therefore, it is hard to discern with sight the differences of long term illness or health from a temporary mood swing.


During difficult episodes of life experience the stressed memory energies of negative thought will settle in symbolic areas of the humans energy system. If left dormant for lengths of time these stagnating energies will clog the vital life flow and prevent the natural constant triggering self-healing rejuvenation of cellular structure. Therefore, this blockage will unlock the body from immunity to allow imbalance symptoms of disorder. A chakra clearing is the routine outcome from bioenergy treatment that will restore the flow of vital life energy, however, this may only be temporary feel good experience. The healing process will be a short lived burst if the experience issue that caused the dormant energy is not found and resolved. The blockage will simply reassert its position to continue to bring symptom as a body communication of something you need to change in your life.

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