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A first timer’s experience (40-year-old artist): The session began with the therapist asking me a little bit about myself. She then explained a little about bioenergy and how it involved checking and restoring the chakras. As I had done T’ai Chi for a while years ago, I understood something about the chakras.

She asked me to take my shoes off and stand on a mat. She began to do hand movements around my body. During this time, she said she was feeling the strength of my energy centres. I felt very relaxed. Then, about 15 minutes later, she asked me to sit on a reclining chair. She did more hand movements – both fluttering gestures with her fingers and spiral movements with her palms, sometimes touching points of my body. There was a feeling of time being suspended.

Afterwards, among other observations, she commented on a shoulder injury, which I hadn’t mentioned to her. I came out of the one-hour session feeling very calm. I felt the whole thing had quite a charming mystique about it, far removed from therapies such as chiropractic which I have had for back pain. By 10 p.m. that evening, I felt tired, as the therapist had said I might. She recommended that I drink one l

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