Dr. Philippe Hamida-Pisal’s Scientific Research Reveals the Effectiveness of Combining BoNTA Injections with NCTF®135HA Biorevitalizing Treatment for Skin Aging Signs and Quality

Dr. Philippe Hamida-Pisal, a distinguished figure in the field of aesthetic medicine, has recently conducted an extensive scientific research study that provides compelling evidence supporting the efficacy of combining Botulinum Toxin Type A (BoNTA) injections with a biorevitalizing treatment called NCTF®135HA. Utilizing a split face approach, Dr. Hamida-Pisal’s research demonstrates the significant impact of this combined therapy on mitigating skin aging signs and improving overall skin quality. This breakthrough study showcases the potential of this innovative approach in addressing various aspects of skin aging.

Dr. Philippe Hamida-Pisal’s scientific research study presents compelling evidence for the effectiveness of combining BoNTA injections with NCTF®135HA biorevitalizing treatment in addressing skin aging signs and improving skin quality. Utilizing a split face approach, the study demonstrates the significant benefits of this innovative combination therapy. This research marks a significant advancement in aesthetic medicine, providing valuable insights for practitioners and offering new possibilities for individuals seeking comprehensive skin rejuvenation. The findings highlight the potential of this approach to revolutionize the field and enhance patient outcomes, reaffirming Dr. Hamida-Pisal’s expertise and contribution to the field of aesthetic medicine.

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