Lip Augmentation for Men with the French Touch

Lip enhancement is one of the most sought-after non-invasive beauty treatments for women. However, in recent years more and more men have also decided to undergo procedures to improve the appearance of their lips and make them look more masculine — numbers show an increase of nearly 400% in the last 15 years and a growth of around 10% each year. This can be explained by the fact that cosmetic treatments have become more socially acceptable for both men and women. Other factors for this increase include the so-called “selfie” phenomenon and the rise of celebrity cultures — users of social media platforms are continuously exposed to images and clips of men (and women) with full plump lips.  As a result, many men compare their looks amongst each other and are consequently influenced by ideals of male beauty embodied by actors, models, sport figures, influencers and celebrities. A further reason for this increase may be the fact that in recent years non-invasive lip augmentation procedures have become more affordable.

Augmenting the volume of the lips using dermal fillers is one in a range of procedures for men, which we offer at PHP Aesthetic-Wellness at 22 Harley Street in Central London. As with all other treatments, we aim for a natural and personalised approach when treating the lips of our patients. There are many aspects a doctor needs to be aware of before performing a lip augmentation procedure on a male patient. The symmetry of the face and its proportions need to be carefully examined as they vary between patients. There are points and techniques of injection that will help us achieve a more masculine look (the so-called “masculinization” of the face which is what most male clients want when they undergo a lip augmentation treatment). 

Our approach consists on balancing the features of each individual’s face in order to produce a harmonious and extremely natural appearance. Injections are placed in strategic points such as below the nostrils, on top of the upper lips (and sometimes behind it), in different parts of the lower lip, and sometimes on the chin. When the correct quantity is applied, these injections will create a balance and enhance the symmetry of the face. Therefore, a careful assessment of the patient’s features is always essential.  

If the treatment is gradually repeated over time, the lips will look fuller in a natural way – and that is what at PHP Aesthetic-Wellness we call the French Touch.  This subtle improvement will make the lips of a male patient look more masculine every time the procedure is performed. This way the patient will also be able to control the progress after each procedure, avoiding sudden exaggerated changes that may make the lips look over-done (or feminine).

We use the most advanced lip fillers in the market for resizing and reshaping the lips. These products are specially formulated for this type of procedure and they not only augment and reshape the lips, but also provide nutrients to the skin, which give the lips a fresher and more youthful look. The procedure lasts around 30 minutes in total including consultation time and we recommend repeating this treatment every 6 to 8 months to keep up the results. A lip augmentation can help boost the self-assurance needed by every man to achieve his goals with confidence.