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The facial starts with a light peel to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, exfoliate and help the products used during the treatment to penetrate deeper into the skin.

We choose between four serums to adapt to each skin type and age that can be combined to create a tailored, high-performance response to the specific skincare diagnosis including serums for hydration, wrinkles and firmness. Their superfine texture makes it possible to layer them one on top of the other if you wish to, in order to achieve a combined effect.

Using  controlled thermal shocks via the patented CryoLED device, the skin’s temperature is rapidly cooled and reduced to well below freezing (-18°) in a matter of minutes using the ‘Cryo-probe’. This leads to a tightening of the microcirculation blood stream and then dilation of the blood vessels and capillaries, which helps to flush toxins and impurities away from the skin, increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin’s surface and improve its overall appearance.

Your skin definitely looks a lot brighter, tighter and firmer and any redness or pigmentation is a lot more subtle. That’s what our patients love about it, that and the fact it’s a treatment you can have once a month, once every six weeks or as a one off. Obviously if you have it regularly then you will see more benefits. A lot of people think that -18° is going to feel really cold but usually afterwards they say ‘that was really relaxing.’ It’s especially nice around the eyes.”

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